We see road signage every single day – they have become an essential part of our daily life. Drive down the street and you’ll stumble upon road signs indicating which directions to the nearest town or how far away are you from your headed destination. Head to town for shopping and you’ll notice that shop signage is plentiful, detailing opening hours plus displays of discounts and deals. Not to forget, even the infamous golden arches of McDonalds can be considered signage!
Usually, road signage indicates few purposes namely; to show directions, to bring sales leads and to promote as well. Allow us to elaborate:


  • Directional Identification
For us youngsters, millennial, Y & Z generations – whatever you call it! We probably have the technical capabilities of using navigation apps like waze, google maps, GPS and etc. unlike the old folks. Old folks tend to rely on road signage when it comes to finding or locating certain places they wish to go. In case of  medical emergency they tend to find their ways to hospital easily using road signage.  Directional signage is also necessary for shopping malls, schools/universities and new housing township. It can also be useful for large scale outdoor events such as festivals or places where there are multiple buildings or entrances. This way, visitors or potential customers are less likely to get lost.
  • Advertising and Marketing
Fun fact; road signage is one easy way of advertising without having to invest a lot of money into production or designing. People go on highways and on roads every day. We see road signage everywhere whether you like it or not. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand/company. In which it leads to enticing new customers at creating curiosity and eventually encouraging customers/visitors to pay a visit at your premise.
  • Recognition
Companies/brands like to use road signage as a means of helping individuals to recognise and identify their brand. They wanted people to know their existence from afar if it’s possible. Well it is!
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